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Need help?

If you need help with housing issues, here are some places to contact:


Midland’s Open Door (Homeless shelter for men)
412 W. Buttles

House of Mercy (Homeless shelter for women )
989-631-2346 (call for location)

Shelterhouse (Shelter for women or men in danger because of domestic violence or sexual assault)
Toll-free, confidential Crisis Line at 877-216-6383

First Call for Help
Information and Referral Service
Call 211

Bay City
Good Samaritan (Homeless shelter for men, women, families)
713 9th Street


City Rescue Mission of Saginaw (Homeless shelter for men, women, families)
1021 Burt Street


Central Michigan
Mid Michigan Community Action
1574 E. Washington Road
Farwell MI 48622-0768

  1. Alice Wiltse permalink

    will Housing Connect be held this year? If so what agency will receive donations? What items are needed?

    • It will be held on November 5 at the First United Methodist Church. Many of the agencies will gladly receive donations. For details contact Amanda at Midland Area Homes. She can give you details.

  2. Alice Wiltse permalink

    Thank you.

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