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Headcount finds 327 homeless in Midland County

May 13, 2010

A recent headcount has found 327 homeless people in Midland County, a number essentially unchanged from last year.
The “point-in-time” survey was carried out in January under the supervision of the Midland County Continuum of Care.
A similar survey conducted a year earlier found 325 homeless people in the county — a 48 percent increase over a 2007 census that located 219 homeless.
According to Sharon Mortensen, chairperson for the Midland County Continuum of Care, “This ‘point-in-time’ count is an important tool in identifying current need in Midland County and in leveraging grant monies to help in addressing homelessness.”
Institutions likely to be providing services or having contact with the homeless, including churches, agencies and schools, were asked to count homeless people with whom they have had contact on the day of the census. The process controls for duplications.
The point-in-time numbers include some “street homeless” staying in shelters, but also those facing eviction within seven days, as well as people doubling up with friends or family who have been told to vacate premises. Someone without an identified place to live within seven days is considered homeless.
A detailed report can be downloaded at Homeless count


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